Regieskript des Interaktives Online Environment
Der nachfolgende Text ist das originale, vollständige Regieskript des in Teil I der Arbeit zu hörenden Polylogs mitsamt der Steuersignale. Es ist unmittelbarer Bestandteil des ansteuernden Programms des interaktiven Environments und wird in verteilten Rollen mit Hilfe verschiedener Sprachsynthesizer jeweils live generiert. Der Polylog nimmt ohne Unterbrechungen etwa 1,5 Stunden in Anspruch.

Für die Kontrolle des Interfaces und der Sprachsynthesizer sind bestimmte Steuersignale erforderlich sind, die jedoch nicht zu hören sind.

"ralph*4* male or female?" bedeutet, dass das Programm den Synthesizer "ralph" und den Lautsprecher 4 auswählt und hieraus den Satz: "male or female?" spricht. Die teilweise falschen Schreibweisen einiger Wörter sind einer besseren Verständlichkeit geschuldet.


zarvox*1*Displaced persons, Peeping Tom, Deranged, RealGirlCharacter, OverTheBorder, Curious Guest and Special Guest are here. Passion is starring from middle distance.

zarvox*1*You sense that Peeping Tom is looking for you in Dusty Intersection.

ralph*4*male or female?

victoria*3*It depends!

zarvox*1*You sense that Peeping Tom is still looking for you in Dusty Intersection.

ralph*4*I see!

zarvox*1*Peeping Tom grins. Cockatoo squawks.

trinoid*2*male or female? male or female? - male? or female?

zarvox*1*Deranged rises his left eyebrow.

deranged*5*shut up!

zarvox*1*Deranged uses the soap from the top of the cage to throw it onto the cockatoos head.

trinoid*2*ouch! ... Male? or Fe ... Male?

Kathy*6*Looking for anything in particular?

zarvox*1*RealGirlCharacter hrabs salts in its woonds. Over The Border winks.

whisper*7*Somebody, who wants to play sensual scrabble?

zarvox*1*CuriousGuest telepoarts hout. SpecialGuest telepoarts hout. Passion yawnws.

kathy*6* uhh. - you have really ruined my fantasees!


zarvox*1*Deranged thinks it's too early in the day to deal with odd fantasees. Ebony telepoarts in. He looks around.

agnes*8*How yaw all doin?

zarvox*1*Ebony quickly morphs into WhoIsThatNigger.

agnes*8*What! da room get quite kause a black man be here?

zarvox*1*Peeping Tom hugs WhoIsThatNigger warmly.

kathy*6*We just hahving a nice, quiet Klan meeting here!

zarvox*1*WhoIsThatNigger quickly morphs into TheOnlyGoodNiggerIsADeadNigger.

agnes*8*How in the Hell are you doing? My fellow Klan brothers.

zarvox*1*OverTheBorder suggest Mooside to solve that little problem.

agnes*8*Afraid to engage in reasoned debate?

kathy*6*I really hahve no tolerance, for mental defectives!

agnes*8*hey! hello!

kathy*6*My suggestion would be: to gag people like this!

zarvox*1*RealGirlCharacter pees on TheOnlyGoodNiggerIsADeadNigger.

victoria*3*He is - gagged?

kathy*6*My life has been much more peaceful since gagging him.

agnes*8*You can go straight to hell! Everyone - Real Girl Character likes to have sex with little boys!

zarvox*1*TheOnlyGoodNiggerIsADeadNigger likes to give all people a chance. TheOnlyGoodNiggerIsADeadNigger quickly morphs into TheStrongestAndTheLongest.

deranged*5*It seems: they doant like you, over here.

agnes*8*All women want me! My description is the best!

trinoid*2*Are you male or female? male or female? Male! or ... Female?

victoria*3*Strange people on line today.

zarvox*1*TheStrongestAndTheLongest wonders, if Logicals pussy is wet.

victoria*3*Depends on!

agnes*8*depends on what?

victoria*3*Depends, on what the clock says.

zarvox*1*OverTheBorder telepoarts hout. TheOnlyGoodNiggerIsADeadNigger bangs the door, while he is leaving for another place. Peeping Tom runs against the closed door. SubMale telepoarts in here, - looking around. RealGirlCharacter looks at Junior. I see no Junior here!

bruce*7* No topic of discussion?

deranged*5*Sex and Gender?

zarvox*1*VrrrrrrrOOOOOOMM!!! NoOnesDaughter rhoars in in her shiny yellow Kharman Ghia, and hopps hout.

agnes*4*hi, everybody!

fred*8*I can picture this, wealthy wealthy man - sayink : No! I have it under control! Do not worry! I will protect you my darling.

kathy*6*I can see some truth about the basic human animal in your epiphany. But will we ever know, if that was what really happened?

victoria*3*Your initial posts yesterday really touched me!

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Coockoo! Coockoo!

kathy*6* I think he is a kid. And he is having a good reaction to this. He is doing, what so many guys are trained to do. Burry it, and deny it. No strong emotions. Especially regarding something as silly as -

zarvox*1*WalkAbout nods to RealGirlCharacter.

fred*8*I think he is a kid. Desperate for attention! And willing to do anything he can.

victoria*3*I have been ignoring him.

agnes*4*I'm not making a broad generalization about all the young men. Only about hour enculturation of them.

fred*8*I don't know about strong emotions. I was shocked! In the same way, that I was shocked, when the Challensher exploded.

victoria*3*unexpected violent death, always gets me like that.

zarvox*1*WalkAbout morphs into JustSittingThere. He stares at something only he can see.

kathy*6*The man, I have just spent a year with, - who knows that my biggest ish yoo is abandonment, who loved me. And wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Has disappeared from my wourld, entirely! And I haven't heard one woord from him. In two and a half weeks now! He's gone!

victoria*3*I feel like examining my emotions about it, and everybody else's. Maybe I'm distracting myself from my own pain, for a little relief.

zarvox*1*Deranged is disconnected.

bruce*7*Pooh! I've been working all weekend. I've got three days worth of dishes to wash.

zarvox*1*NoOnesDaughter falls down laughink.

agnes*4*Then! Here is the remote control!

kathy*6*Okay! I have to go, buy some cigarettes. Get out of the damned house. Turn off the television. And then get to woork! I will be back, of course!

zarvox*1*RealGirl Carakter hops into her shiny yellow Karmann Ghia, and roars out of the room....putt....putt...putt, putt, putt, putt! Cockatoo squawks.

trinoid*2* I will be back - of course! I will be back - of course! I will be back!

zarvox*1*passion telepoarts in. She says hello, to all the recently awaken MOOers.

bruce*7*So...what's up?

princess*5*Nothing special! The sky. A jet or two. Clouds, the sun ... Just the usual things!

zarvox*1*Cockatoo squawks

trinoid*2* I will be back - of course! I will be back! So...what's up?

zarvox*1*You sense that SubMale is looking for you in The Temple of Love. He pages, "how are you" ? Where do you come from? What do you look like? What is your description?

trinoid*2*Male or female? Male or female? what is your description?

victoria*3*Where do you come from?

bruce*7*Cologne. And you?

zarvox*1*Cologne is not the name of any player!

victoria*3*Me too! So ine sZhoofull! Whuss stoodeerst doo?

bruce*7*SubMale ray det nischt gaernah, ybar deeseh dingay, im Moo. Specially, if the partner is near by! But does not mean something!

zarvox*1*Something is not the name of any player!

zarvox*1*You sense that NoOnesDaughter is looking for you in The Closed Clohset.

agnes*4*Male? Or female? Boy or girl?




agnes*4* oops! Is that really true! The most are male over here! 80%! Very horny men!

victoria*3*It seemes that you are always in here!

agnes*4*Not really ! But all the thimes I came here, I met you! Have you met my real life husband?

princess*5*Your real life husband?

zarvox*1*passion wonders.

agnes*4*My husband Ana lyzer! We met on the MOO, and then in real life. And then we got married. And now we're living happily ever after!

bruce*7*I can not believe that!

agnes*4* Why on earth not?

bruce*7* Because on earth, the distances are some thimes much longer than in virtual life!

agnes*4* He had to move from Canada to the United States.

zarvox*1*NoOnesDaughter warmly grins. RealGirlCharacter comes back again. Junior telepoarts in, followed by deranged.

kathy*6* Hallo deranged! I just called you. I wanted to know, if you were feeling better this morning?

deranged*5* yes, and no...Physically yes...but...I have difficult discussions tonight.

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2*Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

junior*8*Did you hear today: the driver of the car was over the legal limit - for blood content?

agnes*4* His limit was high?

bruce*7*Can be wrong!

princess*6*Where did you hear that?

junior*8*That media attention should be expected, in that part of the world.

Kathy*6*Only fair! ... One should not drive like that!

bruce*7*TV tries to ensure: there's always a good guy, and a bad guy.

Kathy*6*Just a second! Someone called me.

agnes*4* There's no limit to the public's vacuity.

victoria*3*The TV reporters will distance themselves from that. Kind of like your hand trying to distance itself from your arm!

bruce*7*there is a difference!

whisper*4*They need to charge someone. We need him crucified, it's all, you have to do!

cello*2*we need him crucified, we need to charge, crucify him is all you have to do. We need him crucified we need to charge crucify him is all you have to do thats all

bruce*7* Must leave elsewhere, for a bit...I may be back....if not, I'll see you later, okay ?

princess*5*It has to be SOMEBODY'S foaght. The mobb wants blood! They don't care whose.

fred*8*Is that a real speed estimate?

victoria*3*It is as real, as the tv programm, that showed it.

zarvox*1*Nobody appears before you.

ralph*6*hello folks!

princess*5*Don't know which is true?

zarvox*1*NoOnesDaughter sighs loud lee.

ralph*6*How about blaming fate?

junior*3*but it was a stupid accident - though.

princess*5*Not good enough. Fate won't do. Can't we get a black guy?

ralph*6*But that's life.

whisper*7*losing control .

princess*5*They won't let it be a stupid bloody accident. That means nothing. That makes a lousy head line.

fred*8*See what I mean? Varying reports. Nobody absolute knows nothing!

victoria*3*But, that's neither here nor there.

zarvox*1*passion exits to the north. JustSittingThere waved goodbye and morphs into WalkAbout

fred*8*But, guaranteed to be there.

kathy*6*Exactly. The whole point. Will they gonnah be back after this? No!

ralph*4*But you see, that's what they believe, she was.

victoria*3*Or show how compassionate you are, by wailing over a media-created-creature.

ralph*4*she is nheither a friend, or a person I know. I really don't have feelings about it one way or another. Every day people die who I don't know.

fred*8*I think she's better out of it. But I wish for her, there had bheen another way.

ralph*4* Maybe it's all a mock-up! And she had it all done, so that she could pick up, and start a new life as an unknown.

zarvox*1*HowDoesItComes thinks, its going to be really ironic, if the guy, that lived, can't remember anything at all, after leaving the hotel. He'd better lie, and say he remembers. Or lie and say, he doesn't remember.

zarvox*1*Phenomenon is awaken from a long dream.

Albert*5*Hey, he is still alive!

victoria*3*Depends, whether you believe or not!

fred*8*I'll check it out!

zarvox*1*phenomenon vanishes mysteriously. Absent Minded wonders if he's ever gonna get an answer. NoOnesDaughter waves goodbye, humming a happy tune.

ralph*4*But she made the choice. She chose the role and played it, for all it was worth.

zarvox*1*Heartbreaker comes out of the clhoset (so to speak...).

victoria*3*it's our collective imagination.

whisper*5*Could someone please tell me, how I can request a programming bit?

zarvox*1*You sense that Heartbreaker is looking for you, at a place near by.

bruce*7*Tell me more about you! How old are you?

victoria*3*In real life?


victoria*3*28, and you?

bruce*7*31! Are you German?

victoria*3*No! Austrian.

bruce*7*What thime is it there?

victoria*3*Here? 9 PM and there?


zarvox*1*heartbreaker pages

fred*8*Hello, beautiful. What is your name?

victoria*3*Would it make any differences, if you know my name?

fred*8*No! Of course not!

Kathy*6* That old lady yesterday - you remember? I think she was canadian.

agnes*4*no, she was inglish.

zarvox*1*You sense that TheStrongestAndTheLongest is looking for you in a Secret Place. He pages

whisper*8*Why do you not speak?

zarvox*1*You sense that TheStrongestAndTheLongest is looking for you in a Secret Place. He pages

whisper*8*Perhaps you could break your inane vow and speak! Speak!

Kathy*6* canadian inglish?...Or inglish inglish?

agnes*4*english english english, in fact.

zarvox*1*TheStrongestAndTheLongest quickly morphs into TheOnlyGoodNiggerIsADeadNigger, he speaks Eubonics.

whisper*8*which even I confess is a rather niggardly dialect.

Kathy*6* you behave! Or you die! It's that simple!

zarvox*1*TheOnlyGoodNiggerIsADeadNigger quickly morphs into the educated Ebony. Ebony imagines, that you knaves know only broken internet English, and he cries.

agnes*4* Your biggest problem is, that you can not spell the words.

zarvox*1*Ebony stares off into the middle distance, then he starts with his arguments

bruce*8*Now, if one should choose a French-English based grammer (drawing upon Latin), or strictly a German-English based grammer, it is a matter of style, as is the English language historically. Now, personally, I prefer the French-English based grammer, even though English is a Germanic language. My reasoning is, that French is perhaps the best language to have existed, since the, rather sad, declhine of Latin. And we should strive to resuscitate the high-English import of French during Elizibethean English.

agnes*4* this is a terribly one sided conversation you are carrying hout. Do you sphacialise in monologues?

Victoria*3* I think....you need to seriously reconsider your medication, if you are thinking of calling me darling!

agnes*4*Life is much more peaceful if you gag him!

zarvox*1*Ebony offers his appology. NoOnesDaughter says to him:

agnes*4*Apology has only one P!

Kathy*6*apology has only one p!

zarvox*1*With a loud mechanical wheezing and grinding noise, SenseOfShame materializes here.

bruce*8*In some colleges one is actually allouwed, to substitute a computer language for Latin, or another natural language. This, I believe, demonstrates the cultural barbarianism of Americans.

zarvox*1*Plain thinks, Ebony is a racist. Cockatoo squawks

bad news*2*racist! racist! Ebony is. A racist! racist! racist! Ebony is. A racist!

zarvox*1*Ebony touches. Ebony feels. Ebony goes home. With a loud mechanical wheezing and grinding noise, SenseOfShame dematerializes and fades away from here.

victoria*3*How could that be! Despite: all my rage - I am still just text on a page!

zarvox*1*AllAround learns that you can never go home... SenseOfShame smiles at you. You have been de-Hume-hidified

princess*5* Hello! How are you?

junior*8*Hey there. I'm good, just got back from the city. How was your weekend?

princess*5*I had a good weekend! How is your brother?

junior*8*Much better, thanks. The antibiotics have brought him back to near normal health, he just has to gain the weight back.

zarvox*1*TheOnlyGoodNiggerIsADeadNigger has connected.

bruce*8* Will eineh Frao: ficken.

zarvox*1*compassion blushes.

bruce*8*will eineh Frao hy rathen, dee offt in dee Khirchee gheet.

kathy*6*Do you come here everyday?

whisper*7* no, not really - where are you from?

bruce*8*Ish hahbe einee grhoseh Woorst.

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo! Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

princess*5* Why are you saying this to me?

zarvox*1*TheOnlyGoodNiggerIsADeadNigger quickly morphs into the educated Ebony.

bruce*8* What did I say? It was a SOPHISTICATED JOKE, which you are OBVIOUSLY too impolite, to understand.

princess*5*Oh! A real Intellectual!

agnes*4*Everything we have to do to get to the truth, has to be sneeky! It seems a shame to sneek, to get to the truth. To make the truth such an evil dirty old nasty thing. You got a sneek, to get to the truth.The truth is condemed. The truth is in your gas chambers, the truth has been in your stockyards - you slaughter houses! The truth has been in your reservations, building your railroads, emptying your garbage! The truth is in your ghettos and your jails and your young loves. Not in your courts or your congress, where the old seek judgement on the young! What the hell do the old know about the young!

princess*5*What the hell - are you talking about?

zarvox*1*Points of light arch from the walls, and fuse to form Nothing ness.

trinoid*2*Get to the truth. Get to the truth! form nothing ness!

zarvox*1*The cockatoo puckers its lips, perhaps expecting a kiss? Passion seems to be the only one, alive... Who stares off, into the middle distance.

junior*8* Cool. I need advice.

victoria*3*What seems to be the problem.

agnes*4*Tell Mommy your problem, baby!

junior*8*what's NoOnesDaughters mother?

whisper*5*I'm sorry, but NoOnesDaughter doesn't seem, to have a mother.

zarvox*1*The housekeeper arrives to remove a large blue fog from The Living Room.

junior*8*I know you all know, where they are.

agnes*4* I deny everything.

zarvox*1*A previously unseen panel in the wall opens up, and NoOnesDaughter tumbles out, looking a bit startled, but otherwise okay.

agnes*4*I do not know what I am. A hallucination?

victoria*3* Maybe a bit of undigested stew!

agnes*4*No thanks! I am as real as I can be!

fred*8*what? - Or Who!

zarvox*1*Deranged teleports in.

deranged*6* How are you? This morning?


fred*8*There are different time zones.

whisper*6*The entire net, and nobody to talk to!

victoria*3*On the net?

whisper*6*In real life!

princess*5*What gender do you dig the most?

whisper*6* I only like one gender. Males!

princess*5*Is that for real?

whisper*6*would an abacus, be considered as computer?

victoria*3*Hom! Not really believable!

fred*8*I wager it's a secret. Moo is a place, where they brainwash you, into becoming a member of those suicide death cults.

agnes*4* Oh, come on. MOOing is totally harmless, and everyone in here tells the truth, all the thime.

victoria*3*Thats wrong, the webb is a wasteland!

zarvox*1*Deranged grins, and nods, and sighs.

agnes*4*Sorry, I was joking. I have seen enough dead people over here.

zarvox*1*NaturalInstinct washes a paw, pretending to ignore everyone.

victoria*3*Come on! Is there nothing really new today?

ralph*7*Nope! Not really ! Just installed a new front door!

zarvox*1*Little Beauty grins.

victoria*3*Walk About can only afford the door, but is saving it up for a house.

fred*8*you're buying a door before the house?

ralph*7*The old door had been kicked in, and was busted. We have access to do repairs, before actually closink.

whisper*5* I'll donate a door for you.

victoria*3* Keep your personal life out of this.

ralph*7* I dont hneet a back door. I got one.

whisper*5* I'll give you a side door.

ralph*7*After I got creative, creating extra trim, since the new door's trim wasn't as wide as the old one's. It looked really nice. We need to paint though!

victoria*3*I am sure, you had something somewhere.

zarvox*1*Walk About has already showered after his door installation adventure. Passion will not be sacrificed because she has too much to live for.

fred*8* who said anything about dying?

zarvox*1*StillAlive lays down on the ground and plays dead.

agnes*4*Oh! What a strong attitude!

victoria*3* Yes, as in definite opinions and beliefs

agnes*4* and why do you sound like the former mooing guest, who has been getting addicted to that kind of virtual place. Dont ly! I know you!

victoria*3* I don't know, why do I?

agnes*4* Same style, same feel.

whisper*5* so where in the world are you?

victoria*3* So you are not feeling me?

zarvox*1*Nameless tells NoOnesDaughter he must go, to deal with real life bullshit.

victoria*3*So, do you think, you are an immortull too! Don't you think, you have to die? like the rest of us.

whisper*5* Lick it. Suck it. Touch it. Fuck it.

victoria*3*Of course. None of the naughty bits though.

zarvox*1*NoOnesDaughter goes some place.

victoria*3* I had been wondering....

zarvox*1*RealGirlCharacter telepoarts in. CuriousGuest rises one eyebrow.

victoria*3*Real Girl Character? Come on! What a name! You should make the test! Are you real female? Do the girls test!

whisper*5* who are you? Who really are you?

kathy*4* Tell me First! Who and Where are you?

zarvox*1*RealGirlCharacter laughs.

kathy*4* I am a female guest.

victoria*3*Sorry. I am just kidding.

ralph*6*Are you one of the evilly naughty perverts? Who plan on attacking the Virtual Life?

kathy*4* Yes, of course. That's me, in a nutshell.

zarvox*1*RealGirlCharacter thanks FormerDays for the kind guesture. RealGirlCharacter giggles.

ralph*6* really? You are one of those naughty perverts? how shocking!

victoria*3*are there any women in this room?

fred*8* I am: a real woman!

victoria*3*oh really?

zarvox*1*You are sudden lee blinded.

deranged*7*help! - I cant see!

victoria*3*are you guesting again? WE KNOW IT IS YOU!

albert*8*Do you still think, that I am that person from before?

victoria*3* yes. I do

albert*8* I am sorry, but I am not.

victoria*3*Would I ever know, how many there are really!

albert*8* sorry honey. I am in Australia! And - it's morning here!

zarvox*1*Sun shine gets hit by reehali tea. She might be back.

catalina*4* En realidad, soy de Inglaterra. Pero vivo aqui ahora.

Carlos*5* Inglaterra? Tengo amidos alli!

catalina*4*Trabaja bien!

Carlos*5*gracias mi amigo.

catalina*4* Verdad. Es triste, pero es la verdad.

Carlos*5*Quiero hablar contigo pronto...

catalina*4*Adios. Buenas noches.

whisper*6*Mighty quiet here tonight!

zarvox*1*Nameless is beautiful, but quite. She does not move, and does not speak. But she realizes and hears everthing, you do, or say. She is awake, but has been staring off into space for 6 hours.

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo! - Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

victoria*3* I am really looking forward, to getting back into the swing of things though.

ralph*4*I just got a new clock program: maybe that helps! Pretty sharp. It synchonizes your computer with the Atomic Clock.

zarvox*1*You sense that StillAlive is looking for you in the time zone. The time zone is a place, nowhere in particular in space or time. By climbing the time zone, you feel, you could almost pass beyond this universe of darkness, and emerge into what passes for the real world on LambdaMoo. Of course, you might be better off going home.

whisper*6* You are too far to be good to me, honey.

zarvox*1*Various has connected. W has connected. W opens the entrance door and leaves, closing it behind itself. Nameless has connected. Ana lyzer has connected. Fossile telepoarts hout. Who comes home. OverTheBorder has disconnected. 4U telepoarts in.

kathy*4* Hello? Is there anybody awake?

whisper*6*Well, I was about to leave, really. I Should go right back to bed now.

kathy*4* No, go better to the south.

whisper*6* Not sure...where?

kathy*4*next to Spain!

whisper*6* Which country next to Spain? There are a few of them...

kathy*4*to the west!

whisper*6*I do not have any kind of decent geography? West of Spain? I forget...

zarvox*1*4U sighs.

kathy*4* A very small country!

zarvox*1*AllAround acks.

whisper*6* WHICH?

whisper*6* Portugal?

kathy*4* Yes... was not that hard, was it?

zarvox*1*AllAround pouts

kathy*4* Where are you from?

whisper*6* A big country!

kathy*4* States?

zarvox*1*AllAround nods

kathy*4* and?

whisper*6* And what!

zarvox*1*AllAround is getting very sleepy and decides to go home now.

whisper*6* I used to like Relativi tee.

zarvox*1*AllAround grins. AllAround has disconnected.

Kathy*4*I met a guy from that, this summer.

bruce*7* which guy?

Kathy*4* He was not so bad, but unfortunately he has the personality of a walnut.

fred*8*There are two kinds of women. The kind, who think men, who pierce their dicks, are sick, and wrong and scary. And the kind, who think it's cool and sexy. You are thankfully, type two.

victoria*3*I think, there is still another type, type 3! Such men are sad, pathetic, and in need of a hobby!

kathy*4*Can't ignore that gravity thing.

whisper*6*I like to touch myself.

agnes*7*You're supposed to wait until it dies!

whisper*6*I like to touch myself! Would you like to touch me too?

cello*2*I like to touch myself, I like to touch. Would you like to touch me too - would you?

agnes*7* Come on - I know it is you! It seems, like I have really seen you in all ages.

whisper*6*Touch me! Please! Is there really nobody, who wants to touch me?

cello*2*Is there really nobodyIs there really - nobody?

kathy*4*Please, calm down! You are giving me a headake, and are making my already unpleasant life worse.

zarvox*1*Who quickly morphs into heartbreaker.

bruce*5*I really think it depends on who you talk to. Where are you from? How does you look like?

agnes*7*I'm from right here!

zarvox*1*AllHerBeauty transforms herself into Fake. Fake rises one eyebrow at heartbreaker.

fred*4*I´m from here, from right here! Who wants to know, what I am looking like?

zarvox*1*heartbreaker pages

bruce*5*My dick is starving for your pussy! My cock is thick, and swollen, 9 inches of solid muscles. It wants start teasing you. Until you couldn't take it anymore!.And then I would satisfy you completely.

zarvox*1*Fake yawns.

fred*4*What time is it there? now!

bruce*5*7:48 p.m.

fred*4*That means you're six hours later. Ten my time would be 4 am your time.

victoria*3* Everything I say is a lie. Listen carefully: I am lying.

whisper*8*Come On! Have MOOsex with me!

victoria*3*You have to make people believe, that you actually have strong feelings about something.

whisper*8* No one's dumb enough to believe that about me.

zarvox*1*heartbreaker grins

bruce*5*Oh! I see, yeah! I think I might be able to set my size, which will change the volume of my voyce.

zarvox*1*TheStrongestAndTheLonges teleppoarts in.

ralph*6*Bist du verhieratet?

whisper*8* vielleischt, und du? Bist du doytsch?

ralph*6* Nine, Ich bin Amerika nisch! Willst du minee grossee Whurst essen? Das ist einee saer grossee Wurst!

whisper*8*minen See das, oder sahgken See das noor so?"

ralph*6*Man muss deesee Wurt hair wissen, when man mith den Doytschen Frauen sprichkt. Komm nach House, Khinder machhen.

whisper*8*I know some of them, like ficken. I studied in Germany for a while.

agnes*4*I am really wondering about the department, you have studied.

whisper*8*what do you do in the real world? when you're not subdueing fellows here?

ralph*6*Do you like looking at cute guys in tight clothes?

deranged*4*Hello! I am a young human rights lawyer. How old are you?

ralph*6*Smell my negro pussy!

trinoid*2*what do you do in the real world ? What do you do in the real world?

good news*2*Smell my negro pussy - Smell my negro pussy!

victoria*3*We don't have sex here. We reproduce through mitosis.

zarvox*1*Peeping Tom falls down laughing. Deranged giggles.

princess*7*Like all bacteria!

bruce*8*That's not an issue in hour current relationship!

victoria*3*That is right! Not in the same way!

whisper*7*Negro pussy? Ok...I am the whitest of negroes, absolutely colorless in any way.

agnes*4*I am - a white negro, what of it?

deranged*5*That's spic, you racist bastard.

agnes*4*I am not an hispanic negro, just a very white one. So what!

deranged*5*You fuckin Spic'n'span !

agnes*4*Death is not in the dying. Death is in the terror, and the cruelty, and the beauty of the world, which is reborn to jab you in the heart, and slowly drip the life out of you.

Deranged*6*I will die a lot sooner, than you Certainly much too soon for my time. Nobody loves me. And I am miserable.

zarvox*1*FaceLess wonders where she is going, wonders where she is. Wonders if she is there? If she is still alive. She is interested in that strange kind of realitee. Supposing it is . That real kind of strange distance. So she decided to sit there, take place, and only hear, and watch out what will happen. She is awake and looks alert.

bah*8*Will - this - fucking - day - never - end?


junior*7*Hello beauty! Do you think you are gonna find a life there?

kathy*3*I consider, to take that risk.

junior*7*Really? For true? how nice! Are you beautiful ?

zarvox*1*4U has to go to real life.

kathy*3*Aaaaahhhh! Fuck relationships! They all end in pain.

boing*8*Life is a pain. Anyone who says differently is selling you something.


trinoid*2*ha ha ha, he he he, ha ha ha! The only thing we can do is find someone or something!

victoria*3*yeah! People always seem to admire things, that don't exist.

zarvox*1*Dizziness gets hit by re alitee. She might be back.

whisper*6*Whip me! Beat me! Tell me lies!

zarvox*1*This dunschen is used to hold the scum of the real world. You wish you could see something. But you can not. Nor can you hear anything. It's very dismal and depressing down here.

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo! - Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

ralph*5*You're wearing nice clothes babe! Are you interested in exploring space very much?

princess*8*I´m not sure, really.


princess*8*Well I guess, it would be fun, to live somewhere else other, than on earth.

victoria*3*What's wrong with the earth?

princess*8*Well, sometimes, I think its a bit crowded. And I think, that causes a number of problems in humans.

victoria*3*Well, I don't think it's just a problem caused by the crowd.

princess*8*I suppose, that could be so. Its a difficult thing.

ralph*5*Yes, it is.

princess*8*I actually meant, where is every one hiding in here?

bruce*7*where is every body?

whisper*4*I am who? Or Where?

princess*8*I should go and have a look, do you think?

zarvox*1*Whos garments dematerialise, to be followed a few seconds later by Who - herself. You could swear you heard a ghowstly utterance...I must get that thing fixed!!

whisper*4*Yes, go, have a look around! Except the truth, it is like living in a steam sometimes.

bruce*7*Yes, its a popular tream!

fred*5*ah! Why are you putting some distance between her and herself?

victoria*3*Silly! What are you talking about?

fred*5*Its really hard to keep track of conversations, with this time lag.

zarvox*1*NameLess wonders how she could create a new character

bruce*7*where do you live? where are you from originally ?


ralph*5* Aha?

zarvox*1*AllAround is just downright freezing cold this morning.

princess*8*It´s cold here too. I love it .

ralph*5*What's the temperature where you are?

princess*8*just under 60 degrees.

ralph*5*Pooh! Have you a life, outside of here?

kathy*6*Under 60? Maybe it is a problem, because the women who are running the place, are all older. 40, 50, or older women ,who are still kind of trapped in old patterns of male-identification. But that does not mean that young women are immune to those, by any means.

bruce*7*"male identification", what does that mean?

agnes*4*Apparently male-identification is something like osteo poray sis.

fred*5*I am too young, to be a girl!

victoria*3*Do you have any genitalls.

whisper*7*Did you find one?

ralph*6*I have no real idea. Is there some kind of skin or blood test, for girl ness?

albert*3*there is a skin test for girl ness!

ralph*6*does it involve scraping, and testing for lack of make up residue?

agnes*4*you show them a set of male genitalls. And if the bit of skin, that makes contact with the equipment, is above the knee, it is not a girl

bah*5*Are there lipstick girls?

agnes*4*In many ways I think you are a girl, very much like that.

whisper*7*I am a lipstick girl!

junior*3*what is a lipstick girl?

fred*5*I am a chapstick girl, does that count?

ralph*6*I have no idea, but I wear lipstick.

zarvox*1*SubMale just never caught onto that girl thing or feminism.

bruce*4* she has some male-identification problem.

zarvox*1*GirlCharacter is back and penis less.

ralph*8*Well. In that case a lipstick girl, must be a girl, who wheres lipstick.

fred*5*Hey, I think girlism is an exclusively american phenomenon?

ralph*8*Feminism as a species of humanism is okay by me. But the exclusive kind makes me laugh and puke.

whisper*7*No new lipstick for you, my girl

victoria*3*Bah. If you look up the definition of feminism in the dictionary, it will say "the belief in the equality between the saxes," or something like that. You aren't into that?

princess*6*You are the lamest provocateur I know.

victoria*3*Iron Fisting!

agnes*4*that's not the whole story!

zarvox*1*TheLongestAndTheStrongest wakes up from a long sleep.

ralph*8* Feminism, like sixteeth Liberalism, is only an expansion of mediocrithy. Like most of twenteeth Capitalism and Communism and almost every movement.

fred*5*About the most feminist I get, is to be pretty annoyed, that traditional female jobs' have a much lower pay scale than ...

agnes*4*wow - I am much more feminist than that!

fred*5* - Than 'traditional male jobs'

zarvox*1*Over sized gives all the girls a tube of lipstick, so they can all be lipstick girls.

fred*5*you are not a liberal, nor a feminist, but you are a mediocrithy. How do you account for this?

junior*6* hey, "traditional male jobs"! I am the lowest paid male nanny - in the whole Washington DC area

agnes*4*Thanks for the lipstick, but I don't wear make up.

fred*5*women get payed less than men. But women also take less risky jobs than men.

ralph*8* it comes from living in a mediocrathee.

victoria*3*women can enter any field they want, and make as much as men.

ralph*8*In the sixteeth, as soon as they opened the universities to the masses, the standards dropped and have continued to drop.

ralph*8*Now, at the very nadir of mediocrithy, such majors as business management exist and we have a bunch of uncultured barbarians, who know not a word of Latin or French.

fred*5*I imagine that it's my own foat to take a major

agnes*4*Tell me to watch the next time, there's a female as starting linebacker for the rams.

whisper*7*that's all because of television.

kathy*6*find a woman who is 250, and can knock big men down, and you will.

albert*8*is anyone listening to you?

zarvox*1*LongAgo arrives, and you notice her eyes searching the masses of people for the faces of her friends.

victoria*3*Know them! Wait, you're American. I forgot, you have only use for function, not aesthetic standards.

zarvox*1*The temperature in here must have just rhisen ten degrees! Fake tries to find out what could be the differences between virtual and real life.

albert*8*sorry. You sounded confused.

victoria*3*Not more than everyday. That's just my normal style.

bruce*5*In which hand do you hold your fork?

victoria*3*As far as i know ... ! Is it important for you, to know it by real?

fred*7* hey, that's the trick! To make sure, there is a difference!

bruce*8*pretty simple! Really!

agnes*4*so dont you believe that there are any connections?

fred*8*only mental ones. Or emotional, maybe.

victoria*3*But emotions are real life! Or how would you put it into a computer?

trinoid*2*emotions are real life! emotions are real life! emotions are real !

zarvox*1*NoOnesDaughter hurridly leaves the room. She could have sworn that she saw, what helps with real life problems. StillAlive makes the obliga tory comments about the silence.

whisper*6*Hey, little beauty! Could I interest you in a hot massage perhaps? It would be virtual, but I will try to give lots of real life details.

agnes*4*Depends on, whether or not you live in "VR".


agnes*4*"VR" means Virtual Reality, Dummy! It means that everything is relative!

fred*8*Your Age is really relative. You've never seemed old to me.

junior*5* 42 isn't old! That's only 10 years older, than I am now.

whisper*6*Just 14 years older than me.

victoria*3* Older than the average MOOer, I would guess.

bruce*7*that's not old at all! that's only 5 years older, than I will be in 9 years!

deranged*6*Only 26 years older then me!

ralph*5*I think there are a few, over 40 around here.

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo! - Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

albert*4*only 100 years older than the average mooer.

kathy*3* You're only the canonically corect age once!

junior*6* What do you mean with 42?

fred*5* Life! The universe! Everything!

agnes*4*you're at the point where you should be apprehending the answer to life, the universe and everything.

junior*6*you mean at his age he should know the answer to the ultimate question?

zarvox*1*StillAlive thought that was 87, actually. Death contemplating the infinite varieties of nothing.

ralph*5* No, at his age, he is ! the ultimate question! It's like a whole year without birthdays. And then, when you least expect it, bang!

kathy*4* No, he is - the ultimate answer!

victoria*3* Folks! Watch! I do have the answer. The answer is ...

whisper*7*were all gonna die!

hysterical*8*hahaha. haha

trinoid*2*except for me! I'm not gonna die! No sir, not me! I'm not gonna die!

agnes*4*Let's go climb a tree or something ...

fred*5*see, I was talking to some people before, and dared to mention that there were some problems with accountability, with her charity, and its priorities, and I was almost killed, virtually!

agnes*4*Shame on you for having an opinion!

whisper*8* No! To all women named Catherine.

fred*6* oops! Forgot the body I was in!

zarvox*1*You have the strangest feeling you are being watched, you turn to look, and where before there was nothing, you see AbsentMinded!

zarvox*1*You smell something strange but you can not guess what it smells like! good news*1*You smell something strange but you can not guess what! You smell something strange but you can not guess what!

victoria*3*What is that? What kind of smell could that be.

whisper*7*Oops! Sorry! I never use air conditioning here. I thought it's not necessary.

fred*5* I was dreaming in text last night. I Guess, that is really a bad sign.

kathy*8*yes, that's me.

princess*4*what do you mean: In text ? Have you seen writings?

zarvox*1*Ana lyzer cannot read in his dreams, just a few numbers.

bruce*6*I have dreams, where the people here have faces too.

victoria*3* interesting! Many dream people say, you cannot read in dreams, and it's true for me. So you must be special.

ralph*4* I know that I can, because I was seeing names in type, familiar names.

deranged*6* oooh! and what did my face look like?

whisper*5* wow, I am impressed!

princess*7*have you ever had a lucid dream? a dream where you know it's a dream, and you can do what you want - control it?

zarvox*1* DreamLacer had become quite a spacialist in dreaming lately. Cockatoo squawks

junior*4*have you ever tried, flying in your dream?

fred*6*I used to have nightmares as a kid. I eventually learned, I could affect dream content, and they rarely bother me now.

princess*7*oh, good for you. I still have a few nasty ones. Every now and then.

ralph*4*How do you affect dream content?

fred*6*Not often. I've found there's a point, where scripting dreams tends, to wake me up. Flying usually does it.

bah*8*bah! you have non scripted dreams?

kathy*3*yes, I know. I get really scared when it happens, even if not scripted, and I wake up.

fred*6* I think it's a recognition thing. When you somehow realize, that something inconsistent has happened, so it must be a dream. Once that tips me off. I can usually play with what happens.

agnes*4*I've had a few where it's seemed entirely natural, but never due to anything I've done.

fred*6*Only if I decide, I like the content and direction of them.

kathy*3* it never seemed natural to me, I'm afraid

bruce*8* how do you see text in a dream?

princess*5* So last night, when I had a nightmare, I could have changed it?

fred*6* I can see why. Many people think of falling and flying as going together.

kathy*3*actually, being lifted up is as bad for me. Sometimes I have ghost dreams, where invisible forces lift me. And I awake in sweats, and with palpitating heart.

fred*6* That's how it started with me. If a tiny bit of yourself isn't immersed in the dream, if you still have some measure of independent thought, you should be able to influence it and break away.

whisper*8* oh, you were away?

fred*6* Because you're ill? Or even if you're not.

victoria*3* I don't think, I could have done that last night. I woke up last night and actually saw the person, that was trying to kill me.

ralph*7* I think I've done that before.

fred*6* Changed the direction of any unsettling dream.

zarvox*1*You sense that Various is looking for you in SomewhereSpace. He knows, that you are looking for the difference between virtual and real life. He pages:

ralph*7*Sometimes they are interchangeable. Sometimes experiences of the virtual are better, than the real, and vice versa. Well, at any rate, that's my take. How are you?

fred*6* That's a lack of control thing, and those are usually distressing. Everyone needs to have some control over their life, and most anxiety dreams start with something, you can't control.

agnes*4* I can do that in okay dreams, but in the nasty ones, I'm helpless, which is why they are nasty.

junior*5* He was standing over me with a gun to my head, so I screamed and when I did, he dissappeared.

fred*6* You woke up and thought the dream was continuing?

victoria*3* I can't remember, having many dreams of helplessness. The worst is that, instead of the falling sensation, that some people get, I have a crashing sensation at times.

bah*8*Did you ever dream of people, you have not seen in years?

kathy*4* Scary was not the word for, what happened last night. That has never happened before.

zarvox*1*Fossil dreams of people, she has never seen before. You sense that various is constantly looking at you: waiting for an answer. He pages

whisper*8*dont you want to describe, how you are in real life? Or dont you have any imaginations about, what you could be, in virtual life?

fred*6*I'm like that in the water sometimes. It's hard to control.

victoria*3* I think, that you werent all the way awake yet. A different level of consciousness, where you felt awake, but were not, maybe. Do you feel any reason to be afraid, that someone might kill you?

zarvox*1*various is getting curious about that silent beauty. He wants to know everything. He pages:

whisper*8*or another way to think of it: the virtual life and real life merge in the fantasy. Some have a propensity, to create it and indulge it, others don't. So some like virtual sex and others don't. It's in those creative powers, whether virtual life or real life.

fred*6* Is there some unresolved conflict, that you're trying to deal with? Anxiety dreams often happen, because of such things.

kathy*4* Or I have enough sense of a personality, that they possess, that a 'face' isn't necessary.

bruce*5* but how do you recognize them then?

princess*7* by the way: they talk to you in your dream?

victoria*3* I recognize, who they represent. - and they are present!

fred*6*That happens to me too. Because I sense people as emotional or psychic textures. Looks aren't necessary for me either.

agnes*4* the person is the person, the face is just some edithable flesh.

trinoid*2*The person is the person is the person is ...

ralph*5* I don't see dreams, as much as pictures in my head, more like mental images and stories. It doesn't always make sense.

whisper*8*have moosex with me! Tease me!

zarvox*1*AnaLyzer thinks it's really funny, that Moos should even invade dreams.

agnes*4 * Was he ever physically abusive to you?

fred*6* Onna Moo, maybe. Doing so in real life is a bit more difficult.

ralph*5*Forgive my asking, but are they always him? Did he ever threaten you or try to hurt you?

victoria*3* welcome back, how goes life?

ralph*5*of course, this is all conjecture.

zarvox*1*DreamTeaser would make sure, that measures were taken in real life on a just-in-case-basis though. Stalking is a serious matter, and should never be downplayed.

bruce*7*Whatever it is, I am about to lose my mind.

victoria*3*What could be destroyed? There are only imaginations!

whisper*8*so what kind of mood are you in?

princess*4*What mood? I ask myself, If I also would like him in real life. If yes, it would be fine. If not, I would loose something, if I am going, to connect real Life and virtual Life.

agnes*6* Sometimes doing is more important than talking!

fred*7* I don't know the nature of your relationship, or the circumstances, it ended in, but basic precaustions are never out of place. Safety is 90 to 95% awareness.

whisper*8*understand exactly! The times, I have gone from virtual life to real life, something has been lost, with one or two exceptions. But now, I am definitely in fantasizing mood about you. I am just thinking about kissing your neck, softly.

fred*7*It can never hurt, not as long as its practical. Something that uses basic moves, and teaches people, to notice the situations, they might walk into, can never hurt.

zarvox*1*You sense that he is still looking for you. He has changed the place and is waiting for you in The Tempel Of Passion. He pages:

whisper*8*Sweetheart! You sound so honest. And I like your sincerity

fred*7* No, but many people initiate violence, only when they feel, that it will be no risk to themselves. Having the capacity to defend oneself, is an investment in your future.

whisper*8*Tell me a little more about your body! what does it look like?

agnes*4*180. 70, 80. 15!

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo! - Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

whisper*8*Oh! Is that really true? But what measure is 15?

trinoid*2*what measure is 15? what measure is 15? what measure is 15?

fred*5*Let it go if you can! There's whole levels of things, going on behind the scene in any abuse situation. All you can do, is be there, if they need help, and out of the way, until they decide they do.

agnes*4*15 ist the measure of my cock.

whisper*8*Cock? Oooops! You have a cock? In real life you have a cock? You are not a woman?

agnes*4*Sure, I am!

whisper*8*Sure? What is sure? You are a woman with a cock? Tell me in real life!

agnes*4*I told you! I am female!

whisper*8*aha! So you told me your virtual sizes?

agnes*4*No! I told you my exact, real life measures!

kathy*6* I disagree. Some people just cannot deal with hurt, and try to hurt back, react impulsively.

fred*7* Try to explore, how you feel about the situation. And take, whatever measures, you can, to deal with anything, that could happen, that seems probable. Once you have that under control, I'm betting, the dreams will become much less frequent.

whisper*8*But what measure is 15! If you told me your real size?

agnes*4*I told you, it is my cock! Sorry I forgot to say, it is made of rubber. But what is your problem anyway? Does that all make any differences?

whisper*8*Aha! No, it does not make a difference. So, would you tell me more of your description? In virtual or real life?

fred*7* and that's what this civilization and control things are all about. Learning to control reactions to everything, including hurt.

bruce*5*It sounds, like a feeling of loss of control, which is always the most frightening kind of dream anyway.

whisper*8*Sorry, I was only curious what you look like, and what you are wearing. It helps the fantasy.

fred*7* It most likely will. Is there some way, you can distance yourself from him, and just get on with your life?

whisper*8*interested in getting together?

victoria*3* I try not to confuse my ideals and other people's realities. Still, I strongly believe that no one, that really cares about someone else, can harm them.

princess*6*I heard something the other day, that kids who're spanked behave in the short term, but are more violent and unmanageable then un-spanked kids, when they get older.

fred*7*It depends on the ages and the circumstances. Reasoning with a 2 year old kid is impossible, so a pat on the buns may be necessary. The symbolism is more important than anything, really.

whisper*8*hello! This is not going to be very private in here. Let us go somewhere else okay?

agnes*4*so, where you are?

zarvox*1* Various comes closer. He stands behind you, to push back your hair and kiss your neck.

agnes*4*ah! That is good.

zarvox*1*NoOnesDaughter quickly morphs into Passion. She bows her head and sighs.

whisper*8*are you wearing a shirt? or your robe? or: nothing?

zarvox*1* Various runs his hands down your naked body...feeling your waist...feeling your brests...standing behind you just in underwear...very hard

trinoid*2*feeling your wayst. Feeling your brest. Feeling

agnes*4*I wish I could hear your voice! In real life.

whisper*8*Whats your name girl, your real name?

agnes*4*would it make any difference, if you know my name?

whisper*8*No! I want to fuck you tina...you're nice...

agnes*4*Tina? Who is that?

whisper*8*Tina? Ooops - Sorry! Nobody! I only want to name you.

zarvox*1* Various pins you up against the wall...starts to fuck you really hard and fast...really enjoying this...wondering if you want to call him..or would that ruin things...pushing one step to far...just a thought...can easily enjoy this...love fucking you here.

whisper*8*Fuck me Tina - I am close to cum

trinoid*2*Fuck me Tina! Fuck me Tina. I am close - to cum!

zarvox*1*Passion grabs his hot balls, and squeeze it.

whisper*8*Ouch! Like to fucking me? ...coming in your cunt... close to cum

victoria*3*You insert computer parts into her cunt? How interesting

whisper*8*Shut up! Come on Tina - fuck me harder!

zarvox*1*Various morphs into Over size. He is fucking your harder, and faster.

whisper*8*Tina! Speak with me! Speak with me - and I will come easily ...

agnes*4*so are you rubbing your cock in real life, too?

whisper*8*Yes! Its throbbing!



agnes*4*where are you from?

whisper*8*what would it matter?


whisper*8*so come on! Tina! Fuck me! Fuck me!

zarvox*1*Passions nipples are getting hard. She is looking pleased and excited. Over Sized starts fucking you in a terrible rhytm

whisper*8*cum tina..fuck me! Bitch! Yeah - my dick is throbbing - is wet - your cunt - makes it - wet, ah, ah, ah - soon to cum - ah

agnes*4*Nasty mother fucker!

whisper*8*Yeh - i rup it - fuck you, fuck you tina, mmmh, cum in your dirty cunt, mmgsgfgfs, fuck me! moooooans

zarvox*1*Over Sized cums with a loud moan and gives you a full load.

whisper*8*moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, muuuuuuuuuuua, moooooooooooooooooooaaaaaah, caaaaaaaaaaaaammmms!

trinoid*2*moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

zarvox*1*Over sized sighs, satisfied, and shrinks into a smaller size.

whisper*8*thanks! You were nice and very good... I really enjoyed it.

agnes*4*Your welcome!

whisper*8*So have you found out the difference now, between virtual and real life...i have not

agnes*4*Not really! Men are always that fast! So, You could be right!

zarvox*1*heartbreaker is looking for you near by. He pages

ralph*7*Should I tell you the differences between real life and virtual ...

agnes*4*No Thanks! I Had enough.

ralph*7*But I can tell you the difference. Real Life has more commercials!

hysterical*5*Hahahahaha! Hahah!


whisper*8*So do you think, having actually talked in real life, would have ruin your fantasees?

agnes*4*No! I guess there would be nothing to ruin!

zarvox*1*Over Sized has disconnected. The housekeeper arrives to remove Over Sized

junior*5*Well, what kind of a god damn sexy woman are you ?

agnes*4* Shut up! You ass face!

bruce*7*Oh? still alive!

victoria*3* I am having a really bad day so fuck off, ass hole!

bah*8*who are yoo calling, White he!

victoria*3* my life is a constant nightmare

zarvox*1*W uses the power of the universe and becomes Non-Gender-Specific Person!

fred*6* I can see you still.

kathy*5*why are you in a bad mood ? Maybe I can help ?

agnes*4*Unless you can put me out of my misery, I doubt it

zarvox*1*AlwaysCute arrives, and you notice her eyes searching the masses of people for the faces of her friends.

ralph*8* You think I care what you think?

agnes*4* I sure as hell hope not. I would rather like to believe that I have no part in your life, whatsoever...

deranged*7* he is very original, isn't he ?

zarvox*1*snail turns off the lag meter. Snail turns on the lag meter.

victoria*3*Damn that fucking lag - nobody could communicate that way!

agnes*4*Dead men don't wear playd.

victoria*3*hey, where does the personal lag meter live?

albert*8* in lag city! Of course!

victoria*3*I have decided to bless myself with your presence, so please don't disappoint me.

zarvox*1*WalkAbout just realized that she's been off here for so long, that she doesn't know a damn person.

zarvox*1*Pitty tries to comfort WalkAbout.

princess*5* you can know me, if you like. I am nice

zarvox*1*SubMale waves. SubMale looks over all these beautiful women. He pages

kathy*6*role playing?

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo! - Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

albert*8*who would you like to be?

kathy*6*I always know, who I am!

victoria*3*Where do you come from?


victoria*3* I wish, I would be there with you.

kathy*6*really? Are you really from germany?

zarvox*1*subMale transforms in one Octave deeper

bruce*6*maybe you are tricking me

victoria*3*Tricking? Are you tricking with australia?

bruce*6*No! Why should I?

victoria*3*I do not know. But nobody tells the truth, especially not over here

bruce*6* but you sound very nice.

victoria*3*So what? Are you able to control it?

bruce*6*where are you? In house? Bist doo im house?

victoria*3*funny! You are learning german in australian schools? how does it comes? German is no important language

bruce*6* all languages are important.

victoria*3*that is maybe true. But it is hard, to akt in virtual life, if your english is not at well enough

zarvox*1* EverGuest pages

fred*5*Hi! are you into role play moosex?

bruce*6* I like talking with you.

victoria*3* Actually I lied, sorry. But the distance is big enough, so it shouldnt bother you.

bruce*6* too big! But do you still want, to meet me again? i tell you the truth.

agnes*4*Believe me! If you would be here, it could be real sex!

victoria*3*the strange thing is, that nobody never knows.

bruce*6*why would I tell you?

victoria*3*Why? Because that strange distance is a funny thing.

bruce*6*are you really a german girl ?

victoria*3*yes. But who would ever know.

agnes*4*I didnt know, if there is a difference between mens and womens speaking, but I think sometimes one could know.

trinoid*2*who ever know? Is there a difference? Is there a difference between mens and womens speaking?

bruce*6* you sound female to me.

victoria*3*So - and I would be surprised if you are not male

whisper*8*are you really have no pants?

victoria*3*really - it is totaly hot over here - it is in the middle of the afternoon.

bruce*6* it is cold here now.

victoria*3*really - is that true? Because it is so late or what? I guess it is always hot, in australia.

bruce*1* No because it is winter, but its about 2 degrees

zarvox*1*Face Less wants him near to warm him up

bruce*6* what is your dream in life?

victoria*3*I am searching for something , but I do not no what it is, or could be.

bruce*6* thats it! I m not sure. But I have to go now. Will you meet me again?

victoria*3*Yes. I will try, to be there at the same time, tomorrow. Maybe we could meet at a certain place, so that we dont have to search the hole moo to find each other.

zarvox*1*From nowhere, sun shine has appeared to grace you with her beauty. She transforms from a beam of light into himself.

kathy*5* Hallo everybody! Is everyone on this place beautiful?

trinoid*2*Is everyone on this place beautiful? Is everyone on this place beautiful? Is everyone on this place not beautiful?

zarvox*1*Ana lyzer giggles

ralph*6* you and I are, anyway! But it seems, that there is only beauty in that space - as far as I know.

zarvox*1*Sun shine licks his lips and makes a meditative noise. StillAlive telepoarts in. She is 65 and still curious. Deranged rises one eyebrow

deranged*8*65? cute!

bah*7*You better change your description into 69 and still curious!


fred*5* 65? where are you from?bruce*6*Hello everybody! There is a new rule! Did you all heard about it?All new characters, who decide to gender themselves female, must submit to an interview and upload a photo of themselves: to be posted on a site that will be determined later.

princess*7*boah! You sexist asshole!

victoria*3*you're really 65?

kathy*6*yes. Or does it make any sense, to make oneself older. What about your age?

victoria*3*37! Pretty old in that virtual destrict!

kathy*6*not terrifically old in real life.

victoria*3*I work with a bunch of mouldy old profs. I'm just a mildly fuzz-covered prof

zarvox*1*MissThankGod smiles warmly. VrrrrrrrOOOOOOM!!! NoOnesDaughter roars in in her shiny yellow Karmann Ghia and hops out.

agnes*4*Hi again! I was just talking with you as Plain.

victoria*3*Hey babe. Check out Still Alive here. We're babies!

agnes*4* It seems so. I met her already yesterday.

victoria*3*you have to be older than 30, to be a geriatric here.

zarvox*1*Still Alive falls down laughing

kathy*3* Does that mean I am double - geriatric?

zarvox*1*You sense that AllAround is looking for you in Dusty Intersection. He pages


kathy*6*65! And I am still alive!

zarvox*1*cockato sqwaks

trinoid*2* 65 And Still Alive! 65 And Still Alive! 65! And Still Alive!

zarvox*1*MissThankGod has it up to here, with men right now!

agnes*4* So let us have a nice girl talk.

victoria*3*His dad wants to talk to him in person. he hasn't seen em in a year

agnes*4*His mom died, right? Have you spoken with him?

zarvox*1*Sun shine nods to MissThankGod

agnes*4*I should get a woman to ...

victoria*3*May I watch?

zarvox*1*sun shine grins conspirate tivly

agnes*4*If I'm going to try it, I'm going to try it, with somebody I like.

zarvox*1*MissThankGod giggles at Sun shine.

victoria*3*You've done it?- right?

agnes*4*Well, I watched H and L last weekend and said, Okay, that's it, damn it. I'm going to try this some time with somebody else. What is with you?

victoria*3*We came close at bath

zarvox*1*Cockatoo squawks

trinoid*2*We came close at bath! We came close at bath! We came close!

zarvox*1* Sun shines nipples harden. MissThankGod blushes.

agnes*4* damn, it must be embarrassing, to have a dick !

victoria*3* Ya, always sticking straight out at the wrong moments!

agnes*4*We are all heading to ward the Madame phase of our sexuality girls.

victoria*3*girls, that are just like we! We are at at their age.

agnes*4*I know how to get men, to buy me lots of drinks, and then skip out of the bar before payback time.

zarvox*1*Sun shine has to go and waves to you

agnes*4*Nice meeting you. Say hi to me next time,when we're both on.

kathy*6*So, you are in moo every day?

whisper*8*many people are.

bruce*7*Be careful, or you will be doing it too.

victoria*3* The danger is that you'll make friends here, and then you can't let time slip by, without talking to them.

fred*5* 38! That is a real achievement!

bruce*7*Yes, that is true! My sis is 35, and dying.

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo! - Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

kathy*6* So whats about 65, and still alive?

victoria*3*that's sad. 35 is really young.

bruce*7*you're 65?

deranged*8*Sorry about your sister! We are all dying. Some earlier, some later. Be strong !

bruce*7*... lived fast, her liver is shot! My whole family is croaking. I plan on living to at least - one hundred.

kathy*6*thats my plan. My grandma arrived that age.

ralph*4*what year were you born? Answer fast, so I could believe you.

bruce*7*she always said, she will never live past 30, so.....

zarvox*1*Cockatoo squawks

trinoid*2*Oh, he's doing as well as can be expected! He's doing as well as can be expected!

bruce*7*Self-fulfilling prophesee


fred*5* you're really 32 then?

bruce*7*or you were born in 1932?

kathy*6*no, I was born in 1932!

bruce*7*where were you when Kennedy was shot?

whisper*8*what year did the second World War begin?

kathy*6*In germany. I was in germany that time.

junior*8*why're you mooing if you're 65? You should be out, enjoying senior citizen discounts at movie theaters, and state parks...

kathy*6*I am okay, thanks! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

fred*5*take care of yourself, anyways!

victoria*3*Moo more often. Some more 65 year old moo citizens would be a good thing.

junior*8*I would never let my parents on here. We're too nasty!

zarvox*1*AllAround bans old people from pornographic net material.

kathy*6*you think that depends on age?

victoria*3* oh, let them have fun too.

ralph*4*I jest. But Moo can be very addictive. Be warned!

kathy*6*Older people should better know, dont you think so?

junior*8*I am just afraid, someone I know, will come here.

kathy*6*Addictive? in which sense?

junior*8*I posted a personal ad on the web. My step-son answered it! eeeeeeee!

bruce*7*Oh man! That is bad!

junior*8*Bad? That is scarey!

fred*5*whats the addy?

bruce*7*the down-side to anonymity. What did you do to, with that ad?

junior*8*I removed it!

victoria*3*do you really get good responses from it?

zarvox*1* OverTheBorder met several cool people from the ad.

bruce*7*Hey! Still Alive! Are you going to get a character here?

kathy*6*What is the advantage to have a character? - Isnt it like to moo as a guest?

bruce*7*A character can build things, can use more features, can be remembered from the last time, they connected. This is at least one of the most important things to communicate!

junior*8*You can be assimilated!

kathy*6*but is it possible, to change that character again? I think I am a little bit tired from answering all that questions: why, or if I am 65.

fred*5*you can change your character's name any time. Only your number stays the same, though.

junior*8*you don't have to tell people your age, if you don't want a lot of questions.

kathy*6*but I am always asked about my aged. Even if I didnt give it as an description.

victoria*3*tell em it's none of their business!

whisper*4*Come on guys! classify me!

bruce*7* stimulating?.. In an electrical sense?

whisper*4*can you smell electricity?

bruce*7*never heard of it.

trinoid*2*Classify me, classify me! Can you smell, electricity?

zarvox*1*Examiner tries to look at AllAround. I see no AllAround here.

whisper*4* Keep Cool. I am Close by. Smell me!

zarvox*1*AbsentMinded goes home.

princess*3*Who was that?

junior*5*a philosopher!

kathy*6*a philosopher?

bruce*7*A philosopher is a human being, who constantly experiences, sees, hears, suspects, hopes. And dreams extraordinary things. Who is struck by... thoughts from outside, as from above and below. As experiences and lightning bolts... A philosopher, alas, is a being, that often runs away from itself. Is often afraid of itself, but too inquisitive not to - come to - again. Be back later.

zarvox*1*HowDoesItComes comes out of the closet. He asks

agnes*4*who the hell is here?

zarvox*1*here is not the name of any player.

agnes*4*who - is - here?

zarvox*1*I don't understand that. Digital refuses the page. Go out! You can't go that way: out!

deranged*7*I have been, on antihistamines all weekend, plus antibiotics...it's great, to have, that drugged feeling.

whisper*8*can you help me out? to pee is: urinate, what means to poop?


junior*5*Oh! you are awful

agnes*4* why?

whisper*8*yes, the scientific term for poop.

kathy*6*feces, is equal to turds.

agnes*4* you are probably right. I am awful.

zarvox*1*CuteBastard must defecate.

bruce*7* iIthink we are getting too much information here!

zarvox*1*Still Alive is busy with other things at the moment.

agnes*4* really?

whisper*8* Find me again! Sometimes, we'll talk about all these things!

victoria*3* why are you uncomfortable? what's wrong?

zarvox*1*Synthetika suddenly sags into life less ness, as a hand picks it up, and moves it.

princess*5* Its so strange, dying in that age, and in that way, and in a moment you seem to be happy.

fred*7*Trouble with being downunder is, we all waited to hear, that she was alright, and then suddenly, she was dead.

victoria*3* I know, one second, she was doing great, and then channel ten burst the bubble and said, she was dead.

albert*4*hello gran!

ralph*5*but her rise was her fall. The media made -and destroyed her.

victoria*3*Still Alive is 65 - so what?

zarvox*1*LongAgo greets HowDoesItComes, a fellow old geezer, by loaning her a pair of false teeth.

kathy*6* so you can also have my fourth ones.

zarvox*1*HowDoesItComes puts her dentures in a glass beside the couch

ralph*8* sometimes, the media makes you forget real life. When I heard it, it was like "She won't die"! I think, we see celebs, as superficial, cause they are imortalised. If somebody like that die, you can still rent him on video.

zarvox*1*Deranged nods to him

albert*5*I was shocked too, when I heard it. And I also find it unbelievable, that she is dead.

zarvox*1*In the distance, you hear someone's alarm clock go off. Everybody wavers and vanishes, but Nobody stumbles in, with a huge bed head.

ralph*8*What story? She's dead. It doesn't impact anyone's life in the slightest.

victoria*3*Well I'm a fervent, but I think many of us admired the way, she endured with the incessant media intrusions into her personal life.

whisper*4*These things always happen on Sundays.....

zarvox*1*W is here. You suddenly realize you're somewhere else.

bah*3*how old are you?

kathy*6*the same like yesterday, and you? do you became older overnight?

bruce*8* You would drive me crazy, in real life!

kathy*6*Could be - could be not. Who knows? Are you a good lover, in real life?

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo! - Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

whisper*5* You are good on here!

bruce*8* i would do, what I do to you on here. Is that good?

kathy*6*But we are mooing! The most men come too early in real Life! And only one time!

bruce*8* thats right, but I tell you the truth. Are you telling me the truth?

kathy*6*till now! But what´s the truth?

bruce*8* I am not most men!

kathy*6*the most men think that!

bruce*8*what means, till now?

kathy*6*till now I told you the truth.

bruce*8*And now? Do you lie now?

Kathy*6*how could I lie, if I am only asking you?

zarvox*1*Sub Male is asking himself

kathy*6*Did you really cum, tree times, in the last hour?

bruce*8* yes! Do you like to talk to me?

kathy*6*would we talk as long as we do, if i dont?

bruce*8* maybe you just want me, for moo sex.

zarvox*1*StillAlive giggles.

kathy*6*MooSex! What is this? Its a strange kind of feeling, to do that. Sometimes you are close, and at the same time so far away. Could that really, be called Sex?

bruce*8*yes its true. We are worlds apart.

whisper*4*do you think, that brings some special effects?

bruce*8* I m not sure, I would like you to be here.

kathy*6*in your imagination?

bruce*8* in real life.

kathy*6*How could you say that? It wouldnt work in the same way!

bruce*8*maybe! But you seem nice to me!

kathy*6*it seems! But what does that mean? What, if not in real life?

bruce*8* personality is more important! And your personality is beautiful!

kathy*6*What do you know about my personality? Do you think, that it is possible to express yourself in words? Your whole personality?

bruce*8*yes! Thats how we communicate: In Words, spoken or written.

kathy*6*At best, that is a part of my sex personality. But, I am not fucking all the day!

bruce*8* But its just you. We are not fucking now.

kathy*6*thats true! Not really.

bruce*8*Is cologne in west germany?

whisper*5*used to be west!

kathy*6*It is exciting, to say everything, which is coming right in my head. Thats a feeling you dont have in real life.

bruce*8* but if you are with the right person, you can!

kathy*6*There is no west or east germany anymore. Not really!

bruce*8*Yes thats right, sorry.

zarvox*1*Phenomenon is looking for you from far away. He pages

whisper*5*I take it , is your curiousity satisfied?

kathy*6*I am not sure. You can love a person, deep in your heart, and also dream about other things. If you would tell him, or her, the real truth - it would be a shame.

bruce*8*I suppose, you must have some secrets!

kathy*6*or would you tell your wife, that you are moo-sex ing?

bruce*8*Of course not!

kathy*6*that is what I mean. But could it be, that you can live your secrets that way? Or is it a deceit anyway?

bruce*8*I dont know.

whisper*4*But you are living, and feeling right now. Or dont you? Can this be real? Can this be true? Its so strange, to be near by and actually so far away.

trinoid*2*Can this be real? Can this be true? Its so strange!

bruce*8* yes - I am.

kathy*6*in real life, you would not fuck with everybody, who is coming along!

bruce*8*No, I wouldnt!

kathy*6*would you start fucking, with every body in virtual life?

bruce*8* I dont know. I have done it with some others, but it was not the same as with you.

kathy*6*so you did it with men, or women?

bruce*8*women, 1 or 2 of them.., I hope, they were women.

whisper*4*I guess the most people over here are male!

kathy*6*Sometimes, it is hard to know, if somebody is male or female. You cant be sure at least. But once I had moo sex with somebody, who supposed to be male, but afterwards, I was sure, as sure one can be, it was a woman.

bruce*8* how did you feel?

trinoid*2*You cant be sure at least. You cant be sure at least. How did you feel?

kathy*6*right now? Or when I thought, he or she was a woman?

bruce*8* then.

kathy*6*It was strange, because on one hand, it was exciting, not to know, on the other, I was curios to know. But it was the only one, we spoke together afterwards, beside you. So maybe you are female too?


bruce*8*do you think, I am?

kathy*6*I could not really imagine, but who knows?

zarvox*1* checks to see if he still has his dick

kathy*6*And? Surprise?

bruce*8* yep, I am male! Its still there. I should go to sleep, now! But I like talking to you to much!

kathy*6*it is just 6:30 pm

bruce*8*its 2:30 in the morning here

kathy*6*Did you told me your real name?

bruce*8* yes! So will I meet you again ?

kathy*6* do you want too?

bruce*8*yes, be careful!

zarvox*1*Still alive sings a little sleeping song.

bruce*8*when can you be here, tomorrow?I am not on here much, only for you!

kathy*6*tomorrow same time, same place.

bruce*8* we have been talking for 2 hours!

kathy*6*bad sign?

bruce*8*if something happened - always the next day? Same place? same thime?

kathy*6*If something happen, we may loose each other.

zarvox*1*StillAlive telepoarts hout. Go out. You can not go this way! Go west! You can not go this way! Go east! You can not go this way! Go north! You can not go this way! Go west! You can not go this way! Exit! Deranged wants a life here at home. Passion stares off somewhere far more important than here.

princess*5*do I have body odour?

fred*4* I smell you.

zarvox*1*sun shine sighs

victoria*3*We all have problems, sometimes.

ralph*7* I will go, to a place, where everybody knows your name, and you For sure!

victoria*3*But if you have a problem, you'd like to share with a listening, caring human being, just come to me.

agnes*4*Gimme Sex!

ralph*7*Got it!

whisper*5*you want to fuck?

agnes*4*with whom?

zarvox*1*NaturalInstinct peeks for signs of life. W dissolves into the formless void

ralph*7*I'm from canada...halifax...you're far off! How old is the lady in your outfit?

whisper*5*did you have strong feelings?

agnes*4* yes, very strong!

victoria*3*What does it feel like for a woman?

bruce*6*hard to express.

zarvox*1* Attitude is worried because he is liking you to much....

victoria*3*what are you worrying about?

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo! - Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

fred*5*that I will want you more than this!

whisper*8*and it cant happen!

junior*7*you know it is not possible!

agnes*4*are we all lost for words?

victoria*3*it seems so!

whisper*8*would you care, if we didnt talk anymore?

kathy*6*it would be strange! Would you care?

Ralph*5*I would care.

victoria*3*but isnt it dangerous to get used to that too much?

bruce*8*so what is your suggest? To stop it?

victoria*3*maybe yes, but, i dont really want to. Its strange!

agnes*4*but how does it comes? If nobody knows each other?

fred*5*What do you mean?

victoria*3*It is hard to know, if it is a feeling or an imagination.

bruce*8* they can be the same thing!

victoria*3*but isnt a feeling a part of real life, and imagination a part of another place?

fred*5* some times. How do you feel?

victoria*3*I am not sure!

agnes*4*you dont like to talk about it?

victoria*3*I dont find the words, to express all my feelings! Not in that limited way of expressions.

kathy*6*strange story! We are connected with imaginations.

agnes*4* but we do it!

victoria*3*maybe, because of the possibility, to say everything, what is going right through your head. We would never do that in real life!

agnes*4*but isnt that a way of expression?

whisper*5*if you could see me in real life, would you? it is not likely, but would you?

victoria*3*It is hard to say! It is more easier to say: I would!

fred*5*would it not be better, than imagining,that I am fucking you hard, in real life?

kathy*6*I am not sure!

fred*5* I would do the same things in real life! Would you?

victoria*3*depends on, what would be between us - in real life

fred*5*between us?

whisper*8*between - us?

bruce*7*if it would be the same, like in moo, I think I would!

kathy*6*but it would not be the same! Never!

agnes*4*you might not like the look of me!

fred*5*I might not like the look of you, the smell, the taste, your behaviur

victoria*3*Could be or could be not!

kathy*6*It is the same with me: maybe all that magic is gone, if the imagination is different from real life. And it has to be different! It must not be bad, but its not, what you have imagined, all the time!

bruce*7*will we meet again?

whisper*8* would you like, to hear me?

fred*5*what day is it there, now?

albert*6*it is thursday, 18:30 pm

junior*5* Can I meet you next week on wednesday at 4pm?

agnes*4* your time?

victoria*3*what? Same time as today, next week?

fred*5*you will be still there?


princess*7*yes I am, why?

fred*5*Sorry, my modem just falls down, and I was disconnected. Where you are?

victoria*3* I thought, you were tired of me.

fred*5*no I did not. But suddenly I was thrown out. I did not know, what it was!

ralph*6*So did you believe, he would leave, before to say good bye?

agnes*4* I didnt think you would

whisper*8*would you like to hear my voice?

victoria*3*go sleeping!

whisper*7*hear me!

fred*5*yes - I will leave now! I will go, but would you like me to phone you - one day? No problem, if it wont happen.

agnes*4*To australia? Are you kidding? Think about the distance!

fred*5*I would phone you! Not for long.

agnes*4*If you think, that is a good idea, I will think over.

fred*5*dont you like that idea?

agnes*4*I am not sure what will happen then

fred*5* you will oanlee hear my voice, what is wrong? Maybe I am sounding like a female?

victoria*3*would you?

fred*5* no. But then, you could be sure!

agnes*4* I believe you. But I guess you dont believe mee.

fred*5*No I beleive you. I would just like to hear your voice!

agnes*4*I will think over it and tell you next time.

fred*5* but if you dont want to, its allright, dont worry about it.

whisper*8* why would you care?

victoria*3*I really like you. So, if you were lying, I would not like it!

agnes*4*you dont have to care about - I am female.

fred*5* i have never had sex for this long, in real time

agnes*4*Guess you couldnt stand it!

kathy*6*I often think, you and I, liv parallel lifes.

whisper*8*I had a dream last night, and oddly enough, your name was in it.

bruce*6*and why, why on earth, do they want to go to dinner with you, and the person, you are trying to score on?

fred*5* I tell you, it was most strange. Were you on here last night?

bruce*6*nope. I tend not to be on at night.

victoria*3*you dream of Moo?

junior*7* I really only moo from work!

kathy*6*we will continue our convocation on the travesties of existence later

fred*5*whatcha thinkin of gettin'?

agnes*4*That must be it.


junior*8* edible food!

victoria*3* Mostly things that are easy to make!

bruce*4*why don't you come down here, and food shop, and I'll take you back?

victoria*3*The food will go bad before we get back... how far is it again to...... where you are?

bruce*4*a couple hours away.

junior*8* Where are you again?

agnes*6* Don't ever look at me. I hate it, when people look at me.

victoria*3* How soon can you be here.

albert*5*quite frankly, if you ARe 65. You are the first person I have met, that is older than me, on here.

bruce*4* so whats your real age!

zarvox*1*Cockatoo squawks

trinoid*2*I can't take this any more. I can't take this any more.

albert*5* Good morning!

kathy*7*good afternoon dear!

zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo! - Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

whisper*8* you are my sun shine! My only reason for being.

victoria*3*How have you been? You have been away, for what seems to have been a life time.

albert*5* I have? Didn't we just talk earlier this week?

kathy*7* If you get a character here, we have a list of people over 30.

princess*6*A list? So you point people out?

kathy*7*I beg your pardon?

bruce*4*It doesn't list everyone over 30. Some people prefer that no one knows their age.

kathy*7* I said, that some characters on here, who are over 30, belong to a little club, so that we can identify one and other.

princess*6* ok maybe I should open another club over 60.

albert*5* Over 60? You'll be in a small club!

princess*6* 30 is a long time ago. But okay, if nobody would come, I think over thee idea with people over 30.

albert*5* I don't believe you.

princess*6* you dont believe what?

bruce*4*How did you live to be 60, if you drive on the Autobahn?

kathy*7*My main purpose here is to keep the kids out of the Sex Room

princess*6*Oh! sex room?

bruce*4*Dont go there.

princess*6*why not?

agnes*8*Why not?

bruce*4*no reason, really.

princess*6*then you should close it!

kathy*5* close it?

princess*6* so you have also been there?

agnes*8* close what ? The entrance? What would you suggest? A wall and some barbed wire, maybe.

whisper*5*If we close it, I would have no where to perform my strip tease.

agnes*8* lots of people like to go there, i find it boring.

princess*6*if it should make no sense to go there?

fred*5*if you change your description to Naked, 6 ft , tall , blonde, you'll get lots of propositions.

bruce*4* female is prolly enough.

fred*5*yeah, you know, what they say about post-menopausal women?

ralph*7* No, what do they say ?

fred*5* They do not yell.

fred*5*They do not tell!

fred*5*They do not swell!

bruce*4* damn

fred*5* And they're grateful as hell.

zarvox*1*TheLongestAndTheStrongest giggles conspirativly at SubMale.

princess*6* didnt you read the part of older men?

zarvox*1*SubMale pats TheLongestAndTheStrongest knowingly.

princess*6*They do not land.

princess*7*they do not stand ...

fred*5*what part is that ?

princess*8* and shrink in your hand!


princess*4*they do not land, they do not stand, they shrink in your hand. It is the best part!

bruce*8* Dammit, will get hout of here!

fred*5* Well, but Ann only published the part about women!

princess*4* maybe I have read it at another place!


junior*7*Woa! 65?

princess*4*dont cry. I am still alive!

zarvox*1*Cockatoo squawks

trinoid*2*Finally, you have the ability to create your real life, or dream car on here! Type create: #30134, named your car name to do so! type info #30134 to get more information!

victoria*3* The important thing is balance of power. It's important to keep your life in line, even if it pinches sometimes.

fred*5* what if life kicks you, and pulls the blankets off of you. So you can't get a good night's sleep?

victoria*3*hold on - a second

ralph*6*I am 6 feet,175 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes.

victoria*3*Sorry, I had to answer the door.

ralph*6*you will have a visitor now?

victoria*3*No, it was the mail man. I'm alone.

fred*5*Similar happened to me, when my Godson died. Nothing till I was watching them, put him in the ground, I lost it...

agnes*4* Funny how it happens?

fred*5*uh huh. I was mystified, then totally mortified.

ralph*6*some good friends of mine, were killed last week.

junior*8*Well, my dog was 16 and I was 19, I couldn't remember life without him

princess*5* it does not seem real, at first!

agnes*4*I Lost a good friend of mine, in a car accident, last week.

bruce*7*yeah, this was a road accident. Bike crash. They will be sorely missed by a great many.

agnes*4*shit..life is a fuck up

whisper*6*Sorry! But if you remember them, they are not truely gone!

zarvox*1* SubMale is unzipping his pants, heads west to Men's Orgy Room.

victoria*3* life is a laugh, and death is a joke. It is true!

bruce*7*good way to look at it

zarvox*1*SubMale telepoarts in. W telepoarts out. Go west! Sorry, you can not go that way! Go east! Sorry, you can not go that way! Go North! Sorry, you can not go that way! Go South! Sorry, you can not go that way! Go Out! Sorry, you can not go that way! Exit!

zarvox*1*Cockatoo squawks.

trinoid*2* you can not go that way! you can not go that way! Exit! only way actually!

victoria*3*I do not claim, that issuing threats in real life, means issuing threats in a Real Life context. What I mean, is that some threats, I've seen, have had real Life consequences.

fred*5*My fear and caution are easily whipped up. I am a member of a group of people, who regularly are physically beaten.

princess*7*For no apparent reason?

agnes*4*It seems likely, that the same mechanism, that drives gay-bashers, could have been, and could still be motivating, some ones behavior in here.

bruce*6*Is using spammy verbs, moving other players around, and using hostil and violent verbs, not the same kind of motivation, we see in the cruelest of bullies?

fred*5*It is the same, here, like there, that, when I was pressed into desperation, I responded desperate lee.

victoria*3*I also wanted to state, that no player should be forced, to gag offensive players. Since that would have the effect, of leaving them vulnerable, to spoofing from that player , which would result in one being, demeaned in front of one's friends and guests.

kathy*7*The problem is, that he was threatening someone in reality, which is much more devastating, than the poo verb or moving someone.

whisper*8* He needs to be held responsible for his actions which he has done.

zarvox*1*cockatoo squawks

trinoid*2*He needs to be responsible. He needs to be responsible. Responsible for all his actions

ralph*1*I'm not a big fan of publishing real life informations. Not site infos, no e-mail addressed, not real life names, etc.

agnes*4*However, it is obvious, that there is very little, that will deter this individual from harrassing. Annoying, and generally, making life unpleasant for other members of this community.

fred*5*Giving out my location, would basically leave this up, to anyone's guess, as to who would have monkeyed around with my private life.

bruce*4*Why should I be punished in my private life, for something, that oc cured IN TOTAL FICTION on the MOO? princess*8*Here is a place, where you can set someone on fire, or have a freight train run into them, with out having any one be hurt in real life.

whisper*6*If these are not supposed to occur, then why are we here?

trinoid*2*Why are we here? Why are we here? Why?

victoria*3*what occurs here, is, not to stretch its' arm into real life. MOO life - virtual reality is "role-play". And "real life" is entirely another story.

ralph*4*You are right! The place, to seek redress for real life offenses, is in real life! In Moo life, you are having "virtual nature problems" with another player, in best. But, there is no cross over.

trinoid*2*There is no cross over! There is no cross over! There should be "no cross over"

fred*5*How many examples of tangible crossover do you require, before recognizing that they exist?

agnes*6*Real life and Moo should not be intertwined. Privacy was promised, and should be respected.

ralph*8*People here say a lot of contro versal things, under the assumption of anonymity. Pry vacy should be respected, even among those, whoom we otherwise may disdain!

agnes*6*Again, we are in virtual reality.

Kathy*7*Parenting styles in western civilizations are based on ignorant and out of date theories. Their origins stem back, to over a century ago, and developed from the child experts, and psychological experts at the time.

bruce*8*This is a fantasy world. It's not reality. It's not a chat line. There is also vast disagreement, about what it IS. We seem to be defining it, by what we know, it ISN'T.

agnes*4*And People have the opportunity, to behave very differently in this world, than they would in real life.

whisper*5*the people, who play here, choose to be there.

victoria*3*But, when we join as players, we have a social contract to behave in a mannerly way.

bruce*8*We have to remember one thing, folks, and that is, that this is a world , where people do things, and say things, that may not be, to your ly king.

agnes*6*I think it would be totally lame, if the topics of conversation were "where are you from ?" and "what do you study at school?"

trinoid*2*Who are you? What does you look like? Who are you from?

princess*6*It would be a world of total vanilla.

victoria*3*There seem to be two groups of people, in general here. People, who believe the MOO is fantasy, and shouldn't be taken with any seriousness at all. And people, who feel, the MOO should be taken very seriously!

fred*5*I happen, to tend more towards the latter, because of how the MOO has affected my life

victoria*3*What's the difference, between the MOO, and a conference hall. Would you consider a conference hall, and things, that happen on it, real?

whisper*8*So, what exactly is the difference? Your anonymity?

kathy*6*The fact, you can do more un realistic things here?

victoria*3*What makes the MOO any different from this? You are interacting with other people! - Sure, the media is text, and it is transfered over wires long distances

bruce*4*...routed through networks, and such, and later displayed to someone some distance, if not thousands of miles away.

victoria*3*... but so is your voice, when you talk on the phone . I've never heard anyone claiming, that the telephone is not real life. So what makes this virtual world not real life as well?

fred*5*Finally, on a philosophical level, I just don't agree, with maintaining the fiction, of a completely separate identity, between character object and the individual typing at the keyboard.

victoria*3*We all bring something of ourselves to this place.

fred*5*I would think, that gives a clear definition of how a character shall be treated. No matter, how many people share the account.

victoria*3*It doesn't matter, if it's one, two, or more. The character itself is responsible for its actions. Not the array of real-life typists, behind the screen. My character is responsible. Period.


zarvox*1*The cuckoo clock begins making a small whirring noise.

trinoid*2* Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo! - Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo!

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